Chicago (pic by Elizabeth Huett)


Taylor Swift live in Milano, Italy on March 15th 2011 – Speak Now World Tour review.

alright. here it is. be prepared for a long post (like Taylor says, u should’ve known..hehe). so on march 14th i had to work my 8hrs from 7:30am to 3:30pm. i couldnt wait to finish. when it was about time i started packing my things. took the cable car from Chamois (where im currently working) to Buisson at 5:30pm. once arrived in the valley a nice guy stopped by with his car & took me to Chatillon. there i made my bus ticket to Milano-Lampugnano. the bus arrived a bit later than planned.. so we left Chatillon at about 6:40pm. it was already dark outside. listened to some music on the way (TSwizzle included of course) & slept a few minutes since i was slightly tired. we arrived in Milano-Lampugnano a few minutes earlier than planned at 8:25. immediately walked to the subway which unfortunately took about 15mins to arrive -.-. at the ‘Cadorno’ station i had to change. made it quickly but then realized while i was already inside that the subway i changed into only was partly taking the direction i wanted. so when it was about time i changed again. 5mins later the subway to ‘Assago-Milanofiori Forum’ arrived. it didnt take long to arrive at destination. i walked out 2gether with ppl that were apparently late for another concert that was taking place during that night at the Forum – James Blunt. it was already a few minutes after 9pm so i thought – what the hell? – the concert already started.. walked past the Forum i could hear him singing and the crowd clapping & singing along. walked to my hotel. [BTW of course it was raining.] my hotel was placed near the forum. only like 5mins away. the hotel itself was quite luxurious & expensive. i booked that hotel bcause i didnt want to take the subway after the show & bcause of the location & bcause it was the most cheap from the 2 near the forum. i never spent more money for staying in an hotel for 2 nights. but Taylor was worth it. so i was quite surprised by the beauty of the hotel. the staff was supernice. my room was a double bed room with a sofa, a flat screen TV, a bathroom & a big wardrobe. from my window i wasnt able to see the Forum itself since i was on the other side, but, to my surpise, i was able to see the backstage parking area. so i left my Italian mobile phone in my room in Chamois and i only had a few cents on my german mobile that i had with me. so i had to choose: go downstairs, get an 1hr internet access code, call my mom, take a shower, go to bed – it was getting late & i was supertired – or dont get an internet code, dont call my mom, walk to the venue, get something for dinner (i was very hungry) & listen from the outside James Blunt singing live. i didnt want my mom to worry, so i chose to dont eat anything, dont hear Blunt live, get an internet code, call her on skype, take a shower, go to bed. i set my alarm clock for 6:30am. i put on my clothing including a shirt i had let made for the occasion. yellow shirt – ‘Taylor Swift Speak Now FEARLESS – enchanted to see your beautiful eyes’ in the front, ‘fairytales happen – march 15th. speak now world tour. – 15/03/2011 – 1+5+0+3+2+0+1+1= 13’ in the back. looked great. went getting something for breakfast, took my umbrella & walked to the venue. arrived at the Forum at about 8:05am.. which SHOULD BE early u might think, but to my surprise there were already about 20-30 ppl waiting oO [italian diehard fans xD]. so I did something im still not very proud of: i stood in line btween the 1st group of 6-7 fans that were already waiting since 3am (!!!) / 5-6am & the 2nd group that arrived at about 6:30am. the 1st group wasnt that nice, but i think some of them already saw Taylor live in the states cause they seemed ‘prepared’. they had self-drawn Team Taylor shirts with their names on it & they even wrote Taylor a letter (that i btw think they didnt get the occasion to give it to her). whatever. the long waiting began. i left my spot only 2 times as i didnt want to loose it  and since i was there alone. went to the toilet & to drink something one time, went checking out if there was a possibility to go to the busses a second time (there wasnt an easy opportunity). it rained most of the time. fortunately not that heavy. it even stopped raining at from about 11am to 3pm. we remained almost the same number of ppl waiting from 10am to 12pm. then some ppl began to arrive. most of them after 4pm though. 2 groups in line (incl. the 1st one) set up a plastic ‘tent’ to repair themselves from the rain. didnt work out well since it had some holes and the water was collecting in some points where the plastic bag was uneven. in the afternoon we also got a visit from Taylors camera / documentary team. they filmed around and they also filmed the girls of the second group after me that were singing Taylor songs LOL hope it will be on her video blog or on a Speak Now World Tour documentary – which would be VERY cool. soundcheck with apparently 4 / 5 songs including MEAN (!!) [would’ve loved to hear that one live], Enchanted, The Story Of Us,.. . it was getting darker and darker. the ticket said the doors should’ve opened at 6:30pm, but OF COURSE (and damn shit) they let us in at 7:00pm. i belonged to the 1st 20-25 ppl to RUN (yes, u read it right, i – like most – dont give a fuck about what securities say xD) inside the Forum. & i think i was the second guy :D while i ran in i got 2 cards that said vote Taylor for entertainer of the year at the ACM awards (www.voteacm.com – DO IT NOW) and advertising her upcoming fragrance.  and yes, i managed to score a spot in the FIRST ROW !!!!!!!! t-stage (u know where im talking about if u’ll get to go to one of her shows) 1st row on the left. [still in the front part of the t-stage] the securities told us that we had to sit down. i have been to quite a few concerts and they never told us to, so i still dont know why. the Forum btw seems quite a bit smaller than the Olympiahalle in Munich, Germany, where i’ve been quite a few times – most recently in the 1st row at Shakira’s The Sun Comes Out World Tour last december). at 7:55pm Emma Marrone got on stage. Taylor’s support for that night. Emma is an italian artist that won a casting show over here. she recently finished 2nd placed with the group Modá at Italys most important music festival & contest – Sanremo. her voice was great & she def has some talent. nice support for Taylor. even though her songs (and her style) were more rock than pop. the (pit) area in front of the stage btw was EMPTY oO so i was thinking if they would’ve even fill it with ppl. but they did. right after Emmas performance some of Taylors crew began handing out bracelets to ppl that were standing in the back rows of the areas right and left from the stage. since i saw videos online i think standing in the pit area has advantages and disadvantages. pros are u can even touch the stage, u are superclose and u might even get the chance to touch Taylor. cons are that when she goes on the t-stage – and that happens often – u only get to see her back. so yea. to my surprise there were no securities standing right in front of the t-stage. only one Taylor cameraman. i thought that was cool. u had the chance of enjoy the show even more. the screens were saying to vote Taylor for the ACM awards (www.voteacm.com – DO IT NOW) and suddenly Whip My Hair by Willow Smith was played on the speakers. i was one of the few ppl that knew what this meant – Taylor was about to walk on stage! so i started shaking my head to the beat of the song and Taylors cameraman looked at me as i was crazy LOL he was shaking his head too btw :D at about the bridge of the song the lights went off. the song finished. Taylors intro began. [..] ‘if u clearly know what to say, u know it’ [..] ‘i dont think u should wait. i think u should Speak Now’. Sparks Fly started playing and there she appeared *_* our beloved 4 time Grammy winner. everyone was screaming along since, i think, most of the ppl there mostly knew the lyrics/songs of her last album. Mine. Taylor played a red electric guitar here. 1st instrument of the night. after Mine she gets to the t-stage & introduces herself ‘i write songs about love. and break ups. and love. and break ups. and love and break ups’ :D and as usually she says ‘Im Taylor’ :) & waved at us <3. The Story Of Us. kinda love that song. as Taylor says its break up song with a beat on it that makes u wanna dance. she tries to confuse xD so i was just singing and moving along. what a party. after that song Taylor went to the white piano in the center of the actual stage. she sat down and i knew a sad moment was coming. Back To December. its incredible to me that u could (still can) actually FEEL the pain she had writing and performing this song. if u know the meaning this song has for her, there is no reason why u should hold back ur tears. hence the mood / atmosphere in the official video. sad thing. i was skeptical about the OneRepublic Apologize cover / her other hit You’re Not Sorry mix. but i was positively surprised how well it fit 2gether. the chorus of Apologize mixed with the Back To December chorus was perfect (nice one to her backing vocalists Liz Huett and Caitlin Evanson) and in the end the sad mood of just her singing You’re Not Sorry. very good. Better Than Revenge next. i admit im not a big fan of that song. too much rock and i dont like the lyrics too. hearing it live it was ok. nice guitar solos by Grant Mickelson and Paul Sidoti. on to Speak Now. title track of the album and the tour. i already knew what was coming: a nice synchronized dance with her backup singer Liz and Caitlin. 60’s (?) vibe. took u back in time. after Speak Now she walked off the t-stage to get to the b-stage which was located in the back of the arena. of course the fans in the pit area and in the 1st row of the stage part she was walking by went NUTS. and there it happened. the episode that proved me that everything ppl say about her incredible and perfect character is true. she was already walking by when she heard (?) i think a little girl screaming for her. she was on the her dad’s shoulders. Taylor noticed it and went EXTRA back to her to touch her hands, hug her and give her a kiss. sweetest episode *_* seriously. i was moved by the sweetness. she walked to the b-stage into the left part of the standing area. she arrived to the b-stage and after a short introduction she played Fearless acoustic – mixed with Train’s Hey, Soul Sister & Jason Mrazs Im Yours on a HUKULELE (!!). i thought she’d have cut the song cause of the covers, but she played it ENTIRELY!! then after another short introduction she took a Taylor guitar (love*) and played Fifteen acoustic. while the end of the chorus (i was watching on the big screen in the center of the stage cause i was too far away) i noticed the way she was ‘touching / pulling’ the strings of the guitar and the incredible calmness in her voice *_* outstanding. that was LIVE!! she walked back to the normal stage. this time through the right standing area of the arena. an hit started playing. it was time for You Belong With Me. the audience screamed along. mood changing. fiddle solo by Caitlin Evanson. another sad song: Dear John. [about Mr Mayer] another song i dont really likeD that much. but after hearing it live i was moved. emotions were flying once again. another song that meant a lot to Taylor. time for Enchanted. and the visual aspect on the screens truly reflects the title of the song. just watch videos online if u dont know what im talking about. special atmosphere *_* last chorus of the song. Taylor ‘transforms’ her dress while walking to the t-stage. to be experienced. Long Live. last song. Taylor introduces the extraordinary musicians and persons that belong to her band: Paul Sidoti (guitar), Amos Heller (bass), Al Wilson (drums), David Cook (keys), Grant Mickelson (guitar), Mike Meadows (guitar, banjo), Caitlin Evanson (fiddle, acoustic guitar, backing vocals), Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Huett (backing vocals). everyone is on the t-stage. second memorable moment after the ‘little girl’ moment ^. eye contact with Liz Huett. i grab for her hand (my arms are long LOL), she grabs after me – we are too far away to be able to touch each other. we both laugh. she keeps singing. hehehe.. what a moment :D everyone goes backstage. i knew one song, the encore, was missing. Love Story. i can say Taylors number 1 hit as far as her popularity goes in Europe [right after Mine]. no dancers as i heard during the Fearless tour. too bad. but everyone was once again singing along and having the time of their lives. – hopefully Taylor too ;D -. the show was over. the audience screaming ‘Taylor, Taylor, Taylor’ but the lights went on. everyone started to walk outside. oh, btw, i got a guitar pick from ‘my’ cameraman.. he wanted to give it to the girl next to me (he did gave her another one later btw), but she was too focused on something else so i said ‘yea, give it to me man’ :D whatever. the securities told us to go to the exit. i took a few pics from the awesome signs ppl made in the arena. classics such as ‘today was a fairytale’ & ‘we were enchanted to see you’ included. i stopped by the merch since i wanted to get something as souvenir. there was a nice red tour shirt. but it was only for girls. dammit. so i just got a tourbook, which happens to be the Speak Now release week book that i already saw scans of online, and a Taylor Speak Now leather bracelet. in purple since they didnt have it in black anymore. i also got a free random magazine at the arena which contained a Taylor poster. walked out the Forum. guess what? it was raining xD went to the toilet and then, as i was hungry (didnt eat anything since breakfast), i got a slice of pizza with some water and french fries (that i almost all threw away since they were too salty and i didnt want to be more thirsty as i already was LOL). then i decided that 1 guitar pick & having seen Taylor live wasnt enough. i wanted to meet someone. i checked if the backstage area was open now (since it wasnt open when the busses arrived) – already thought of another way to enter the area where the busses were parked. to my surprise it was open, so i walked to the backstage area & i found even 6 (!!) ‘beat the street’ tour busses [the ones most international artists use while travelling through central europe]. saw Taylors crew starting to load their stuff on trucks that were there. then i noticed 3 girls talking american English to each other. i was kinda curious where they were from, so i just asked them. they said they were from Virginia. u can imagine my face (oO) LOL. of course they asked me to stand under my umbrella since they didnt have one xD then we started talking. they asked me how i found out about Taylor, i asked them if they already saw her live. they said already 2 or 3 times (u can guess i was/am jealous :D). i also asked if they were planning to see her live somewhere in the US during her summer/fall tour, they said the nearest concert sold out in like 30mins oO but they apparently knew how to get tickets from somewhere else. i btw knew Taylor was still inside the Forum bcause of the usual T-parties (meet&greets) shes doing with her fans after every show. unfortunately the girls had to take the subway so they had to leave after a few minutes. too bad since i loved talking to them in english. whatever, i kept waiting. all of a sudden Grant Mickelson (1 of 2 of Taylors guitar players) comes out 2gether with a bodyguard. i said ‘Grant, do u have a second?’, he was like ‘sure’, the bodyguard ‘but quickly cause we have to leave’ xD. i asked him for a picture with him & the bodyguard took it xD (even 2). before leaving to the bus he pulled a guitar pick out of his pocket & put it into my hand [it makes TWO of Taylor guitar picks in ONE night]. i was like ‘thnxx, awesome show. i loved your solo’, he was like ‘thank u. glad u liked it’. while he was walking away i said ‘bye’ & he was like ‘bye. stay warm dude’ :D the problem wasnt much the cold (i’ve been to much colder shows in germany during winter), but the wetness. later i saw this girl from her crew that is supposed to invite ppl to the T-party during the shows 2gether with Andrea (Taylors mom). i recognized her so i asked her a tricky question. i was like ‘ey, do u know if Taylor is still inside bcause of the T-parties they’re doing at every (european) show?’. and she was like, shortly, ‘yes, she is’. so i knew Taylor was still inside :D i kept waiting. a guy & his girlfriend who were just watching from far away came to me & asked me who that guy was i took a picture with.. i said it was Grant, Taylors guitar player. they asked me if anyone else came out. i said (in italian) ‘no one until now, but the  chances are pretty good that someone else will come out soon’. so suddenly after a few more minutes i see ALL 2GETHER – Paul Sidoti (guitar), Amos Heller (bass), Al Wilson (drums) & either Mike Meadows (guitar, banjo) or David Cook (keys) coming out of the backstage entrance of the arena. they walked to the bus. i asked the bus driver before if he knew if they were still inside, he said he didnt know. so i asked him if he knew if they were sleeping in the hotel or if they would take the bus and he said the band was taking the bus. so i knew the band was coming outside. so i ‘caught’ Amos Heller & Paul Sidoti cause it would have been impossible to get everyone xD i got my Speak Now release week book signed by both & while i was taking a picture with Amos, Paul came back from the bus from where he took a pen to sign my release week book. he literally ‘walked into’ the picture LOL so we decided to take that one all together. me with both Amos and Paul. i talked to Amos about this pic u can find on Pauls facebook that shows a car parked directly in front of a glass door at an hotel entrance http://on.fb.me/e7HO2V thought that one was taken in Austria, but he said it was in Brussels, Belgium. i said i loved his ‘im bad at parking’ comment [ROFL :D] he laughed & said ‘yea.. that was me’ xD xD so after that they said bye & went both inside the bus. now, all i was still hoping for was to get to see/meet Liz Huett (backing vocals) & Caitlin Evanson (fiddle, acoustic guitar, backing vocals), and Taylor herself, maybe with her mom, maybe with 2 bodyguards xD i waited. the band bus left. i waited. & waited. it got late. 1am. since my hotel was right next to the venue i had, for once, no rush to leave the venue. but after 1am i started to have the feeling Taylor left already since i dont think she is a kind of person that stays for a long time at the venues. she propably just usually takes a shower, goes to the T-party, gets ready & leaves the arena with a van direction hotel or airport. i, due to the weather conditions, didnt have the possibility to check the venue for more backstage entrances & yes, i saw 1-2 vans with dark glasses passing by the backstage area, so maybe Taylor was in one of them (thats what my feeling says). so i walked to the hotel. i was tired. tired but happy. incredibly happy to have finally seen her live *_* i left the hotel at about 11:40am the next day. took the subways to Lampugnano once again. my bus left at 1pm. after 2 busses i took the cable car back to the hotel where im working at 4pm. i was still tired but i worked from 7pm-11pm the following evening. my pics & vids dont have the quality i wanted them to have. a few though are nice. pics on my flickr (http://bit.ly/hEgYQg), vids on my youtube (http://bit.ly/fM7RiL) [more vids incl. Enchanted HD coming very soon - stay tuned]. i also did a video blog for myself. i might edit it & upload it somewhere. youtube has a time limit for videos oO, how weird is that? im not sure about vimeo, so i might upload it there then. i miss Taylor. i started missing her the morning after i woke up in the hotel i was staying at near the Forum. i saw her. i was part of her fairytale. fairytale bcause of her outstanding talent & bcause her shows truly take u to another place. a place to forget for a few minutes about all the other problems we have. a place to think about love. the love she feels for persons she wrote her songs for, the love she feels for her fans. its a mutual feeling. im thinking about writing her a letter. a letter to tell her what i appreciate about her. why i love her. its not only her musical talent. its also her character. a character that makes Taylor special. a character that is (partly) known by all of her fans. a character that i’d love to get to know personally one day. might be a dream that’ll never come true. but i feel what she feels. & just being at one of her shows makes me feel her energy. and that has something very positive. something only Taylor Alison Swift is able to give me.